Learn in the way that works for you

All courses contain a blend of audio, video, written and practical activities to fit with your preferred learning style.  Our practical step-by-step approach is designed to build confidence as well as competence for students new to their chosen field of study.

All courses can be taken in a variety of ways to reflect your preferred learning style and the level of independence you prefer. 

Courses purchased through our online store can be ordered in your choice of Independent, Campus and Professional programme styles.

For team and bespoke programmes, please talk to our admissions counsellors by calling 01473 852575.


This is our most flexible and affordable route for self-paced online study.
Independent study is most suitable learners who want complete control over their learning and will confidently use the learning resources to achieve their goals.

Live Q&A support is provided from 8am to 8pm daily to help you confidently complete the programme.


Our supported learning approach provides a flexible blend of online and centre-based training, plus the support of a dedicated Learning Coach who will work with you to achieve your goals.

Campus students benefit from access to our local training centres for in-centre study.

Campus students also benefit participation in our career coaching programme with weekly activities to help achieve students career goals.


Our professional stream provides students with the benefit of personalised coaching to help you master your learning and contextualise implementation to your organisation and job role.

Students receive individual coaching sessions either in-person or online to support mastery of each course.

Students receive additional content contextualised to their specific job role and personal priorities.


For teams taking the same programme our core approaches can be blended to suit your organisations specific requirements.

Online learning, live tutor-led classes and individual coaching sessions can be combined for maximum impact.


Our bespoke programmes provide a curriculum fully tailored to your organisations requirements. Learn more.

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