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Challenging and comprehensive, our students learn the most in-demand coding languages:
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

These skills are further developed with a strong foundation in SQL,  C#,  and Microsoft’s .NET Framework. 

Graduates can expect to excel in the essentials of computer programming – and enjoy successful careers in IT.

Web Development

Our Web Developer Diploma gives you all the benefits of intensive learning on a schedule that fits comfortably with your life.

You will design the appearance and layout of websites; develop cross-browser, cross-platform websites; create and optimize content for websites using graphics, databases and other elements; translate wireframes and storyboards into functional, responsive websites.

If you’re looking to build exceptional websites and gain a solid understanding of how
websites are developed to help businesses succeed, your new career starts here!

Software Development

Our Advanced Software and Web Developer Diploma is for anyone seeking a dynamic career in software and/or web development across a wide range of entry-level positions.  No previous experience required.

Supported by qualified tutors – experts who are practising web developers – students gain hands-on experience with a range of software development projects that build in complexity as programming skills and languages are added to their toolkit. 

Upon programme completion, students will have built a strong portfolio that they can confidently showcase to potential employers.

The future is digital

Cyber Security

Our IT Security Engineer Diploma expands your skills to specialise in IT security.  

You will gain highly detailed knowledge of the tools available to detect and prevent security threats as well as analysing how and why security breaches may have occurred.

You will have the opportunity to gain globally valued certifications such as CompTIA Securiy+ and Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certifications.

Visual Design

Designers are visual storytellers. They convey information by choosing colours, editing photographs, illustrating images and developing layouts, amongst other things.

When you learn visual design, you enjoy the opportunity to work in a versatile creative sector. 

Posters, billboards, magazine covers, logos and web design are just some of the visual mediums that visual designers are expected to excel at.

Digital Marketing

This unique course offers you the opportunity to learn about the different aspects of digital
marketing through a series of dynamic learning activities.

Each module is led by a renowned industry professional who will guide you through the intricacies of different digital marketing specialisms including SEO, PPC, Digital Display Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Analytics and more.

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