HR Essentials for Junior Practitioners


HR Essentials is an entry-level HR training course. You'll learn essential knowledge on area such as recruiting new staff, employment contracts, salary processing and maternity rights.

HR is a vital function in any organisation as it’s responsible for , staff training and development, employee relations, Industrial relations and organisational development to name just a few. Working within the HR department is a fulfilling role and it’s essential that those working in this area are knowledgeable, skilled and trained. You’ll be dealing with delicate and confidential matters daily and everything has to be handled correctly, and lawfully.

This course is an excellent starting point for you to learn essential knowledge on areas such as recruiting new staff, employment contracts, salary processing, maternity rights and staff performance appraisals. You’ll work through the course using a fictitious case study company so you can really understand the ins and outs of HR in a business.

So if you’re looking to working as a HR Assistant or add a HR specialism onto your current role, our HR Essentials course is a great place to start.

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