Pitman English


This English Language course is specifically for anyone who is looking
to improve their fluency and ability in speaking, writing, reading and listening.

At the very beginning of the course, you’ll sit a Proficiency Assessment test to ascertain your current skill level.

From here, you’ll get straight into the course, choosing units or subject areas you find interesting and relevant to you. This could be anything from travel, sports and technology, through to world news. The topics are regularly updated, so the course content is topical and relevant. 

To ensure you’re studying at the appropriate level, you’ll resit the
Proficiency Assessment every 3 months to track and monitor your
progress. The course level will then advance as appropriate.

You can choose any 3 units to study at a time. Each unit will
comprise different activities, exercises and games, all designed to
provide an interactive and enjoyable study experience. As you’re
learning, you’ll be building up your Word Bank, which will then
provide one of the resources you’ll be required to study each week.

You’ll also build a Grammar Guide, again another resource you will
be asked to review and study each week.

One valuable resource you will have access to is the tutoring sessions,
which you can take part in with a wider group. These sessions will
be vital to help you improve your English conversational skills.

The combination of the study units, practice lessons, tutorials and
ongoing assessments will all assist you in building confidence in
your English language skills. 

Tuition fees cover three months access to learning resources.

Please note this is not an IELTS qualification.
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