Jubilee Scholarships

We're celebrating Her Majesty's historic jubilee by creating 
70 jubilee scholarships for people looking to change their lives in 2022.

Our Jubilee Scholars will receive up to £3,000 towards their tuition fees
Plus 12 months support to achieve their career goals.

Participating students will need to commit 200 hours to their professional
development and contribute £1,952 to their tuition fees.

Programmes may be studied at Opportunities Workshop or
Pitman Training campus locations in Chelmsford and Ipswich.

Creating 70 futures

Jubilee Scholarships are our way of celebrating Her Majesty's inspiring leadership and example, by creating brighter futures for 70 people from our local communities looking to develop their skills and career opportunities in 2022.

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What subjects can I study?

Jubilee Scholarships are available to help you study towards some of this decade's most sought-after career paths.

Students can choose their preferred programme from our range of diploma programmes from our Opportunities Workshop or Pitman Training collections.

Start the conversation with our admissions team to explore whether a Jubilee Scholarship could work for your career?

Jubilee Scholarship Programmes
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business Support
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Professional
  • Management
  • Project Management
  • Tech Support
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Web Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my programme start?

Jubilee Scholarships are open to students enrolled before 30th June 2022
You can start studying as soon as your application is accepted.

What's included?

Up to £3,000 of tuition fees support.
All study resources and coaching support to complete your programme.

When will I graduate?

Full-time students will be able to graduate in 10 weeks.

Part-time students will graduate by December 2022 

What's not included?

Exam fees for students taking external accountancy, project management or IT certifications.

How much time will I need to commit?

Our diploma programmes provide between 150 and 300 hours of study time.
These can be completed flexibly over the course of the year.
All study activities can be taken online or at our campus locations.

What's my contribution?

Jubilee scholars will contribute £1952 to their tuition fees.
Tuition fees are payable at enrolment or with our flexible payment plans.
Pay over 24 months from £79 per month.