Beating the UK's digital skills shortages

A combination of factors are combining to exacerbate skills shortages across large swathes of the economy. Pandemic, Pingdemic, Brexit and an Ageing Workforce all play their part, but whatever the cause they all leave businesses short of workers with the most important skills.

If you’re seeking a new direction or needing to inject new skills into your teams, there’s value in access to world-class learning that can flexibly and quickly equip you with the right skills.

Our technology school delivers career-entry programmes for people seeking careers in five of the most sought-after digital careers: 

·       Cyber Security Specialists

·       Digital Marketing Professionals

·       Graphic Designers

·       Software Developers

·       Web Developers

Our value proposition is straightforward: 

High quality training + individual coaching support + local campus locations + flexible study timetables to fit with your existing commitments.

Importantly each of these career paths is accessible a much smaller time and tuition fees commitment than university education, with six-to-twelve-month study plans and a much faster return on investment.

For students considering a change of career direction, we’re interested in your potential not your GCSE grades. Your commitment to realising your ambitions is what counts.

If you’d like to find out more why not join our workshop on ‘Becoming a Digital Marketing Professional’ this Thursday; get coding today by taking a sample lesson from our Software Developer programme; or set up an introductory conversation with one of our admissions team.

We’re currently enrolling for August and September to help get the skills the economy wants as soon as you’re ready to get started.