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Skills for the future

Connecting individuals and organisations with the skills for future success.
All services available for delivery on campus, on site, and online.

Career Coaching

Specialist support to help you identify suitable career paths and how to present yourself to employers.

Employability Skills

Develop the skills that will underpin the next stages in your career and future proof your prospects.


Support your employees to transition smoothly and positively embark on the next stage of their career.

Master your good intentions

When it comes to applying learning, intention is the key to success. Good intentions translate into business success when accompanied by clear goals, timescales, and accountability.

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Six ways to improve workplace judgement

The ability to make decisions using imperfect data to create least-bad solutions is one of the many areas where human brain power is more elastic than computers.  This is why good judgement is one of the essential skills for the future world of work.

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