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Digital Skills for The Future of Work

In an increasingly digitised economy and society, digital skills are becoming essential for 9 out of 10 job roles but more than half the adult working population lack the skills required.

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How to ace your video interview

The rise of the Zoom Call has been one of the key phenomena of 2020, but it’s a technology that can take some time to get used to - a key skill for high-pressure, high value calls such as job interviews.

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How to job search in a downturn

During a downturn when available candidate volumes are significantly greater, avoiding searching in the open jobs market can be the different between success and failure.

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Ten in-demand jobs that don't need a degree

Researchers have identified ten job roles with the greatest number of vacancies and steady growth over the past four years. Importantly, these are job roles that also pay a decent wage and have skills that can be learned without a university degree.

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Five emerging and future workplace trends

Lockdown has turbo-charged many workplace trends that have been gathering pace over recent years and created new opportunities as well as several uncertainties about the workplace of the future. 

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