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Skills for the future

Connecting individuals and organisations with the skills for future success.
For your safety and convenience all activities are being delivered online until 08.03
We look forward to welcoming students for in-centre learning very soon

Career Coaching

Specialist support to help you identify suitable career paths and how to present yourself to employers.

Employability Skills

Develop the skills that will underpin the next stages in your career and future proof your prospects.


Support your employees to transition smoothly and positively embark on the next stage of their career.

Digital skills shortage threatens pandemic recovery

Nearly half of employer’s report shortages in advanced digital skills in young people joining their organisations, and three quarters suggest this lack of digital skills would hurt profitability. So what can be done to close the gap?

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Help me to get the best out of my people

If I could solve two or three problems for your business what would they be? Not wishing to second guess your specific priorities but most commonly, the response I get from the business owners I talk to is ‘help me to get the best out of my people’.

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Make sure you master new skills

You’ve made the commitment, invested the time, your team have been on a training course and return to work full of enthusiasm about how they can deploy their new skills. Now what?

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Fine tuning soft skills for the future of work

Automation may be dramatically changing the world of work, but for those of us working alongside increasingly sophisticated technology, there is an imperative to fine turn the social and emotional skills that machines can’t figure out.

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