HR leaders outline the most in-demand skills for 2021 and beyond

The most in-demand skills for 2021 and beyond represent a fusion of digital skills and adaptability for hybrid working, combined with the creative and emotional skills that are hardest to automate.

This is according to a new report from Forbes Human Resources Council, a collection of senior HR professionals from a variety of industries, that outlines the 14 skills that are most in-demand across the spectrum of job roles as organisations evolve working life after the pandemic.

1.       Analytical Ability

2.       Data Science

3.       Independent Working

4.       Tech Aptitude

5.       Resilience

6.       Project Management

7.       Transformational Leadership

8.       Remote Working

9.       Unstructured Problem Solving

10.   Change Management

11.   Adaptability

12.   Self-Motivation

13.   Digital Communications

14.   Grit

Whilst some of the skills such as data science require significant periods of structured learning (which exacerbates the skills shortage in this area), many of the remaining skills on this list can be readily incorporated into workplace learning programmes with a relatively small time and cost commitment.

Personal effectiveness skills account for most of the skills identified. This represents that high levels of agility required by organisations and individuals alike to capitalise on the opportunities presented by a fast-changing business environment.

But it also begs of the question of how to develop attitudinal skills, and whether these are innate for most people but held back by organisational disfunction.

Should organisations be training these skills or simply getting out of the way to enable their people to do what they do best?

Organisations seeking to support their individuals and teams to be successful are therefore encouraged to focus on a combination of Attitude, Behaviour and Technique when planning professional development programmes. This approach ensures that structured learning is reinforced by focussed delivery and commitment to quickly translating new skills into deliverable business benefits.

At Pitman Training, our Learning Coaches focus on student accountability and habit building tools to support this translation of new skills into increased performance. This ensures that good intentions aren’t wasted once the regular work-life routine re-establishes itself after the motivating experience of professional development activity.

If a lack of these in-demand skills is holding your business back, for an exploratory conversation to explore whether we can help, please get in touch.