Audio Typing


Audio Transcription is a valuable skill to gain, with applications in many industry sectors. This course will help you learn how to operate audio transcribing equipment and become proficient in document transcription.

This course contains 15 hours of specialist learning content.

Choose your preferred programme content:

This course can be studied with generalist content suitable for all corporate office roles, or with contextualised content for students looking to use their audio typing skills in a legal or medical environment.

Students benefit from the following:

Flexible self-paced study. Suited to learners who want complete control over their learning and will confidently use the learning resources to achieve their goals.

+ live Q&A coaching from 8am to 8pm daily

+ access to our local training centres for in-centre study

+ participation in our career coaching programmes

+ myPitman online learning resources

+ downloadable reference guides

+ participation in our student community and social learning groups

+ validation tests

+ certification 

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