Conducting ESG Impact Assessments


Engaging in the "Conducting a Comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Impact Assessment" workshop equips delegates with a crucial multidimensional lens to evaluate and enhance their organisation's ethical and sustainable footprint.

Through a methodical exploration of globally recognised standards, hands-on data exercises, and strategic report creation, participants will gain the competence to not only gauge their company's ESG impact but also drive meaningful change.

This workshop serves as an invaluable guide for professionals aiming to steer their organisations toward a future characterised by responsibility, transparency, and positive societal impact.




-       Overview of ESG and its importance

-       Setting the stage: Why assess ESG impact?

Understanding ESG Frameworks

-       Introduction to global ESG standards and metrics

-       Importance of a standardised approach

Module 1 - Environmental Impact

-       Overview of environmental concerns (carbon emissions, waste management, resource usage)

-       Tools and methods for environmental data collection

-       Case study analysis of environmental impact assessment

Module 2 - Social Impact

-       Overview of social concerns (employee wellbeing, community engagement, human rights)

-       Metrics and KPIs to assess social impact

-       Real-world examples of assessing and improving social performance

Module 3 - Governance Assessment

-       Introduction to governance considerations (board diversity, ethical standards, stakeholder engagement)

-       Methods for assessing governance structures and outcomes

-       Case study: Governance mishaps and recovery strategies

Hands-on Activity: Data Collection & Analysis

-       Practical session on gathering data from different organisational departments

-       Analysing and interpreting ESG metrics

Creating an ESG Report

-       Structuring a comprehensive report

-       Visual representation of findings

-       Making actionable recommendations based on results

Stakeholder Engagement & Communication

-       Tailoring communication for different stakeholders (investors, employees, communities)

-       Best practices for transparently sharing ESG findings and plans

Workshop: Crafting an ESG Strategy

-       Utilising assessment findings to draft a basic ESG improvement strategy

-       Sharing and collaborative feedback

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