Project Management Fundamentals


Good project management skills are always highly valued within a
business as they ensure deadlines are met, costs are controlled and
the deliverables are right first time. So with this Project Management
course, your skills will be highly in demand.

Split into four highly engaging parts, the course takes you through
the full life cycle of a project in terms of defining what it is, planning
every aspect to ensure you deliver on quality, timescales and budget, before finally implementing and completing the project. The last part involves evaluating how the project went – ensuring you can learn from every project and refine your processes.

This course covers:

Getting Started with Project Management - Backstage Operational
Tasks/Projects, Creating Projects.

Understanding Project Scope - Scope Statement, The Constraints,
Triangle, Project Assumptions, Project Objectives .

Understanding the Project Schedule - Work Breakdown Structure,
Decomposition, Creating a WBS.

Team Management - Human Resources, Project Team, Team
Acquisition Process, Team Building and Incentives, Team Members.

Communicating with Others - Communication, Communication

Risk Analysis - Risk, Risk Over Time, Identifying Risks to a Project.
Project Execution - Executing a Project, Kick-Off Meetings, Begin
Project Work, The Product Execution Process.

Closing a Project - Closeout Items, Close the Project, Steps to
Closing a Project, Final Report.

This programme has 15 hours of learning activity with flexible study options over one month to fit with your lifestyle.

Assessment by Validation Test on completion of your learning activities.