Sustainability Skills for Finance Professionals




Participating in the "Sustainability Skills for Finance Professionals" workshop empowers finance practitioners with a profound understanding of the symbiotic relationship between sustainability and modern financial operations.

By delving into the nuances of green investments, sustainable reporting, and strategic budgeting through a green lens, delegates will be equipped with actionable strategies to influence their organization's sustainable trajectory.

This workshop offers finance professionals the unique opportunity to position themselves at the forefront of the corporate sustainability movement, driving both ethical and profitable outcomes for their businesses.




-       Overview of the workshop

-       Ice-breaker activity

-       Setting the context: Importance of sustainability in today's business landscape

Finance & Sustainability: The Integral Connection

-       How sustainability impacts financial performance

-       Role of finance in sustainable business practices

-       Trends towards sustainable financing

Green Finance and Investments

-       Introduction to ESG investing

-       Risk assessment in sustainable investments

-       Guiding green investments

 Sustainable Reporting & Transparency

-       Importance of transparent financial reporting

-       Key indicators and metrics for sustainable financial reporting

-       Challenges and solutions in green accounting

Budgeting & Forecasting with a Sustainable Lens

-       Allocating funds to support sustainability

-       Driving sustainable R&D and operations

-       Forecasting financial growth while accounting for sustainable investments

Carbon Accounting and Tax Incentives

-       Measuring and reporting on carbon emissions

-       Understanding tax breaks, incentives, and penalties related to sustainability

-       Practical steps to integrate carbon accounting into daily operations

Driving Sustainability in Procurement and Supply Chain Finance

-       Role of finance in sustainable sourcing

-       Assessing financial viability of green suppliers

-       Cost-benefit analysis of sustainable procurement practices

Integrating Technology for Sustainable Finance

-       Digital tools and platforms for sustainable financial operations

-       Blockchain, AI, and their role in green finance

-       Ensuring data privacy and security in sustainable finance technologies

Interactive Workshop

-       Crafting a basic sustainability plan.

-       Group presentations and feedback

Q&A and Closing Remarks

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