Requalify for your next career. Fast.

With skills shortages across a range of sectors threatening to limit the speed of the post-pandemic economic recovery, the question for individuals and organisations alike is how to grow capacity quickly.

Traditional academic modules often struggle to provide quick access to programmes and the intensity of delivery that enables students to quickly grow new skills. Most universities stick to an outdated routine of annual (or at best termly) programme starts, meaning attempts to develop new skills are delayed before even getting started.

It’s this frustration with the pace of reskilling that has driven Pitman Training to adopt Continuous Enrolment so that students and the businesses they work for, are able to access all our professional development programmes as soon as they’re ready to get started.

Students benefit from live orientation sessions with our team of Learning Coaches within 24 hours of enrolment to ensure a flying start.

This is combined with flexible delivery patterns and the option of full-time intensive study to minimise the time taken to acquire world-class skills and certifications. This enables us to confidently predict graduation for tomorrow’s professionals in weeks rather than years.

This approach means you can qualify as a Cyber Security Professional with CompTIA certifications in 9 weeks; as a Digital Marketing Professional with DMI certifications in 12 weeks; or as a Software & Web Developer with 500 hours of practical learning over 20 weeks.

Our career coaching activities combine with your professional studies to secure your career change, with introductions to hiring employers and effective job search strategies provided as part of your journey. This ensures faster return on your investment in your future.

So, if you’re looking to requalify for your career this year and are considering where to invest your time and money, ask any education partners these four questions to make sure they’re suitably invested in your future. 

1.       How quickly can I start?

2.       How quickly can I graduate?

3.       How will you support me to be successful?

4.    How quickly will I get a return on my investment?

To reskill into a digital career, regardless of your previous career history, our team are ready to help you requalify for your next career, fast.