Successful Meetings & Minutes

Successful Meetings & Minutes


If you are required to take notes or minutes in meetings as part
of your role, this course from Pitman Training will help you increase your speed and efficiency and is a modern alternative to the traditional shorthand systems.

Help save wasted hours & make your mark in the office!

A core role in any office admin, secretarial or PA job is supporting
your team, aiding productivity and efficiency in an otherwise manic

Time is precious and meetings can often be a thorn in our side.

Thousands of hours are wasted in the British workforce through  ‘having meetings’ – but when used properly, productively and
proficiently they can be very valuable forms of communication.

• Harness the power of productive meetings
• Understand the need for different types of meeting
• Clarify the roles of chair, attendee and minute taker
• Understand the logistics required for arranging meetings
• Plan and prepare to ensure every meeting has a clear focus
• Organise others to increase meeting efficiency
• Clearly document key points
• Understand how to feed back actions
• Determine the output of each meeting in no uncertain terms.

Study Style
This course is delivered as independent online learning over six to eight hours, with coaching support available to ensure successful completion of your studies.

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