Sustainability Skills for Business Leaders


Delegates attending this workshop will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the integral role sustainability plays in today's business environment.

 By learning how to intertwine sustainable practices within their strategic decisions, leaders will be better equipped to drive responsible growth, enhance stakeholder value, and ensure their business's long-term success.

The insights shared through case studies and hands-on activities will offer practical ways for business owners and senior managers to transform their organisations into more resilient, forward-thinking entities.



-       Overview of the workshop

-       Ice-breaker activity

-       Setting the context: Importance of sustainability in today's business landscape

Understanding Sustainability

-       What is sustainability?

-       The Three Pillars: Economic, Environmental, and Social sustainability

-       Global sustainability goals and their relevance to businesses

Business Case for Sustainability

-       Benefits of sustainable business practices

-       Linking sustainability with profitability

-       Case studies: Successful orgs with embedded sustainability.

 Assessing Your Business’ Current Sustainability

-       Tools to evaluate current practices

-       Identifying areas of improvement

-       Stakeholder mapping and understanding their concerns

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

-       Importance of a green supply chain

-       Steps to ensure sustainable sourcing

-       Engaging with suppliers

-       Building a Sustainable Business Culture

-       Leadership role in driving sustainable practices

-       Employee engagement and training

-       Incentives and recognition

-       Communication and Reporting

-       Importance of transparent reporting

-       Engaging with stakeholders

-       Tools and platforms for effective sustainability communication

Strategies for Sustainable Growth

-       Balancing growth and sustainability

-       Innovations that drive sustainability

-       Planning for the long-term: Building a resilient business

Interactive Workshop

Hands-on activity: Drafting a basic sustainability plan for participants' businesses

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