A Week at Pitman Training: A Casual Journey of Learning and Skills

During my one-week stint at Pitman Training, I had the chance to look into a variety of skills that will be useful in my professional life. The learning coaches Alice and Amy, and the manager Zoe explained the dos and don’ts about professional emails and the different tonalities to use depending on the situation. They have given me a baseline to business professionalism that I can apply to future jobs: I have to ensure I can communicate effectively and convey my thoughts in a put together way that conveys my thoughts in a brief, effective manner.

Nailing Email Writing

I have also picked up a few practical skills during my time at Pitman Training such as how to write effective emails. I received guidance on putting together clear and concise messages, understanding email etiquette, and adapting my messages to different audiences. An example of this would be Alice, who pointed out the difference between sending colleagues email compared to students. For students, I wrote in a friendly and uplifting manner as well as providing support if they needed any. This was to encourage them to increase productivity so that they can get the best grade in their exams. However, while talking to another employee, I was a bit more direct and conveyed my thoughts in an effective way to ensure it was easy to understand in an unconvoluted way. This gave me a new insight on how to structure my emails.

Embracing Admin Tasks

I had the opportunity to complete lots of internal administration tasks. From managing phone calls, booking appointments, handling paperwork and organisation of emails and calendars so everything runs smoothly when exams are happening, this is to ensure nobody has any problems such as more bookings than computers so some people can’t use them, this provided me with some practical work place day-to-day organisation and the importance of efficiency.

Tackling Computer and File Management

In today's technology-driven workplace, Pitman Training made sure I was more than comfortable on essential computer and file management skills. In addition, I picked up skills working with different software applications, and making sure nobody could cheat by using downloaded files or sneaky screenshots to boost their test scores. It was all about learning how to navigate those digital tools, keeping things organised, and ensuring data security.

Cleanliness and presentation

One of the tasks I took on was to ensure the clean, pleasant appearance of the office. I took the initiative to hoover the office, making sure the floors were free of dust and debris. By spending time on this task, I contributed to creating a tidy and welcoming environment for both staff and visitors. It may seem like a small responsibility, but maintaining a clean office made a big difference in making the overall atmosphere and encouraging a positive work environment.

Diversity in social interaction

I had the great opportunity to meet with a diverse and inclusive community that brought together people from all walks of life. My main goal was to be inclusive in my interactions and I helped all of them if they had any problems and if their problem was out of my depth, then I could call one of the learning coaches over to assist them and fix their problem. This made it a comfortable place for everyone to learn and study in, as they knew they had adequate support no matter who they were. Any concerns were met with a quick response to try and fix the problem as swiftly as possible. This created an environment of mutual respect.

In conclusion, my one-week journey at Pitman Training was an incredible experience that provided me with a variety of practical skills. The guidance from the learning coaches, Alice, Zoe and Amy, allowed me to grasp the art of professional email writing and adapt my messages to different audiences. Embracing admin tasks taught me the importance of workplace organisation and efficiency. Additionally, honing my computer and software skills not only enhanced my computer handling skills but also ensured the integrity of exams. Lastly, taking the initiative to maintain the cleanliness of the office emphasised the significance of a welcoming work environment. Overall, Pitman Training has equipped me with valuable skills that will benefit my professional growth.

Written by Sami Marouane
Student at Moulsham High School