Do your everyday IT skills ever let you down?

Do you ever find seemingly straightforward digital tasks taking longer or feeling more cumbersome than seems sensible?

It’s one of the perils of modern working life, that the tools that exist to make us more productive can sometimes get in the way of getting things done but often not something that seems sufficiently urgent to take time to address.

It’s also an issue that we’ve seen compounded by the increased remote working of the past year, which makes it harder to call on colleagues to ask the best way to get things done.

From organising data in spreadsheets, to formatting documents for consistency, the devil is in the detail when it comes to getting the most from your software tools.

If improving your digital skills could save you just ten minutes each day, the compound effect over 12 months would be the equivalent of giving you an extra week to get things done – more than 40 hours more to do what you do best.

Does that seem like something that would be worth investing a small amount of time and effort to create?

To get you started, here’s a free resource to download with some of our favourite tips for getting the best from Microsoft Word and Excel – a ‘magnificent seven’ of timesaving tips for both pieces of software.

If having tried these and you’re inspired to dig a little deeper, we have focussed learning solutions that will enable you to master popular everyday software packages for good and give you CV boosting certifications to demonstrate your capabilities to others.

Each of these uses Pitman Training’s best-in-class practical learning methodology to ensure you quickly get to grips with the most powerful functionality of tools like Word, Excel and PowerPoint