Help me to get the best out of my people

If I could solve two or three problems for your business what would they be?

Not wishing to second guess your specific priorities but most commonly, the response I get from the business owners I talk to is ‘help me to get the best out of my people’.

In practice this often turns out to be a mix of fixing performance problems, supporting junior employees to become effective contributors, helping rising stars to take on more responsibilities, and developing the leaders of the future to reduce reliance on key people.

But a common fear, is will any investment in upskilling translate into improved business performance or will it turn out to be a waste of time and money.

It is at this point we often have a conversation about tailoring content, providing practical learning opportunities and how to reinforce learning over time.

A day away from the office for a quick fix solution is unlikely to be the right approach, as dusty programme folders and forgotten certificates in most offices can readily testify.

So how do Pitman Training create programmes with impact to avoid these frustrations for our clients?

Our cookbook has several key ingredients to maximise the likelihood of success:

1/ Taking the time to understand your priorities and business issues rather than offering out of the box solutions.

2/ Building programmes with the flexibility to sit with students work schedules. None of us learn effectively if we’re distracted by the demands of the day job.

3/ Making things practical. Most adult learners are after solutions they can apply at work, so theory is out and replaced by practical work-like activities that will resonate with students.

4/ Get involved. Online video-based learning may be cheap but passive learning experiences rarely translate into improved performance. Our accountancy students learn with piles of invoices, our web design students write code from week one.

5/Reinforcement through regular learning activities provides the best opportunity for students to practice, improve and master new skills.

It’s a routine that ensures when you choose to work with Pitman Training that we’re able to deliver lasting benefits for your business.

But enough about us, if I could solve two or three problems for your business what would they be?