How accountability delivers success

How accountability delivers successful learning outcomes

Getting new skills and qualifications is a proven way to unlock career opportunities, so we understand that for prospective students the decision to study is down to one goal, building a better future.

But when choosing to invest in your future there is a world of difference between successful enrolment and successful graduation.

To ensure you take a smooth path to success, choosing an accountability partner is a proven route to completing the journey.

Research shows that simply telling another person about your goals can increase your chances to hitting your goal by 65%. This increases to 95% when students have regular ongoing meetings with an accountability partner, such as Pitman Training’s Learning Coaches, to check in on progress. 

Choosing the right partner

At Pitman Training, our Learning Coaches guide our students through their programmes because we believe accountability gets the best results.

Of course, we provide straightforward courses, excellent support, easy-to-follow guides, practical work-focussed exercises and flexible learning programmes that give our students the skills needed to achieve their career goals, but it’s our Learning Coaches that set Pitman Training apart.

Our Learning Coaches maximise success by helping our students develop effective study routines, stay motivated, prepare for their exams and hone the professional skills they’ll need at work.

Regular reviews provide the opportunity to check progress and the accountability that delivers results. This fast feedback ensures our students stay one step ahead of deadlines, master their chosen subject and are better able to translate good intentions into great results.

This approach is particularly valuable for adult learners who may struggle with confidence or who haven’t found traditional learning approaches work for them. Our highly skilled Learning Coaches can identify areas for additional support at an early stage, offering students patient and professional support to master their learning.

For adult learners who struggle with confidence or have problems with reading and writing, an assisted training program with an accountability partner hugely increases their chances of success. A trained learning coach can highlight struggles at an early stage and offer students expert advice from a patient and professional standpoint. 

Online but not alone

Over the past year, the trend towards online learning has accelerated and this is likely to continue into 2021.

Whilst online courses provide the flexibility to study from the comfort of your own home, without the right support, the likelihood of completing an online course is very low.

At Pitman Training, we counteract this by allocating a Learning Coach to each of our students; and making that relationship real.   So there’s a specific person on our team who shares your ambitions and who is always accessible to help you stay on track.

One of the most significant difficulties facing those studying online is that flexibility to study whenever you want translates into the flexibility to always make this tomorrow. A Learning Coach can provide the friendly nudge required to make the right choice between an extra hour or learning or the temptations of Netflix.  

A word about IT

A common fear of online learning is that technical difficulties can stop you in your tracks.

At Pitman Training, our team provide a thorough orientation and ongoing support to help our students master their online learning environments, and ensure that where issues arise, they can be solved quickly, so your learning journey is not disrupted.

Whether you learn fully online or in combination with centre-based activities, the support provided by an accountability partner will give you the best chance of achieving your career goals in 2021.