It's all in the blend

While online learning proved the saviour of education during lockdown, and the digital benefits of accessibility and flexibility have shifted students’ expectations of what’s possible.

However, low levels of student engagement and graduation rates demonstrated the continued deficit of this approach to learning.

With campus locations reopening across the globe, schools that create the optimum blend of online and physical interaction are positioned to provide the best student experience and graduation rates.

In this new world, teaching staff are not constrained by their responsibilities for knowledge transfer, but can also act as moderators, facilitators, and motivators; and students benefit from having the whole knowledge of their programme in their pockets at any time.

Our team at Pitman Training have provided blended learning for approaching two centuries, using the best technologies available alongside our campus network.  For our next generation programmes for 2020s students, this offers five winning benefits: 

1.       Increased efficiency.

Students can learn at their own pace, and fit learning around their lifestyles rather than be constrained by school timetables. Instant access to learning resources and key concepts means classroom time can be focussed on collaborative activities. 

2.       Better Communication

Student / teacher communication becomes focussed on ensuring understanding and applying learning to the workplace. 

3.       Student Responsibility

Blended learning promotes autonomy and ownership, with students becoming better able to assess and manage their goals. 

4.       Workplace benefit

Integrating technology with education reflects the tech-enabled complexity of the modern workplace so that students gain the skills employers want by becoming able to absorb knowledge online and apply concepts with colleagues in the real world. 

5.       Faster, better achievement

Engaging apps, greater variety of learning media, and on-demand assessment combine to increase student engagement and reduce time taken to acquire competence. The campus blend ensures accountability overtime and maximises graduation rates by providing students with individual access to tutor support to master more complex topics, and fully grasp how to apply these in the workplace.

Blended learning opens the door to higher achievement than traditional education formats. By increasing accessibility for those who struggle in a traditional classroom, and achieving engagement for those who find it hard to engage with the passive experience of unsupported online learning platforms, blended learning offers a new horizon for education.

At Pitman Training this approach enables us to combine world-class content with local delivery so that you’re always close to the very best education whether you’re studying our legenedary office and secretarial programmes, or one of our next generation software and web development programmes.