Lifelong learning for digital nomads

With technology underpinning the popularity of ‘work from anywhere’ arrangements, the resulting rise of the ‘digital nomad’ is a global phenomenon whose time has arrived.

For footloose professionals the opportunity to work and travel in tandem, mean it’s no longer necessary to choose between following your career or taking a break.

But while it’s possible to code websites or analyse customer data from the beach or the slopes, the same hasn’t always followed for continued professional development. Too often learning opportunities have been limited by the term-time calendars of traditional institutions or compromised by the lack of support accompanying on-demand online programmes.

Fortunately, a hybrid solution is emerging that combines world-class digital content with hands-on learning support and localised student communities.

This approach enables students to enrol online with their preferred educational partner, get consistent support over time and geography from their coaching team, plus reap the benefits of plugging into local networks wherever they are in the world.

It’s also a great way to develop the connectivity, communication, and productivity skills most required by remote working.

In the case of networked organisations like Pitman Training, students benefit from consistent programme delivery in UK & Ireland and North America, as well as a series of locations across the globe such as The Cayman Islands and Kenya.

This approach enables students to study from across the globe without having to pause or abandon their learning activities.

For other providers such as Madrid-based Power Business School, rather than having a network of campus locations, all students have access to globally relevant content which is supplemented by location driven meetup and networking events designed to build connection among students.

In each case, globally recognised certifications underpin the effectiveness of the curriculum to ensure mobile students get qualifications that will best serve their ongoing career choices.

This combination of living, working and studying on a global basis helps to further strengthen the career prospects of individuals.

Beyond the footloose tech professional world, this approach is also one of the reasons why Opportunities Workshop’s professional development programmes are approved for delivery to the UK’s Armed Forces. As the flexible blend of campus and online learning is particularly well-suited to accommodating short notice redeployments around the world.

If the idea of a completely flexible work and life balance appeals, digital nomads tend to develop a set of skills in one or more of the following professional areas: writing, creative industries, marketing, languages, web and app development, personal and professional services.

Successful nomads also exhibit a range of soft skills that enable them to make the most of the opportunities and pressures from living and working without a long-term base location. These include excellent skills and behaviours relating to communication, organisation, self-motivation, calmness and flexibility.

If you’re looking to get the skills to start your digital career or broadening your skillset for a more flexible career, talk to our Course Advisors about the programme choices and study options that can ensure you’re building world-class skills with full support wherever in the world you happen to be.