The Unparalleled Advantage: 5 Ways Campus Study leads to Better Grades & Faster Results than Independent Online Study

The question of the 'best' way to study is one that is often contemplated by both students and educators. With the rise of digital education, a new element has entered the debate: is studying online independently as effective as attending a campus-based program like those offered by Opportunities Workshop and Pitman Training?

While online learning has its merits, the experience shows that campus learning provides a unique set of benefits that often result in more comprehensive learning, a better prepared graduate, and faster results. 

Here are five ways that the campus experience surpasses independent online study.

1. Personalised Learning Environment

A defining feature our learnng programmes is the personalised learning environment that's shaped to suit individual students. From one-on-one interactions with knowledgeable Learning Coaches, to customised learning plans, our campus locations provide an environment conducive to all learning styles.

On the other hand, independent online study often lacks this level of personalization, potentially resulting in a more challenging and less efficient learning experience.

2. Collaborative Learning

Studying on a campus like Pitman Training promotes collaboration and team-building, which are crucial skills in today's workplaces. Regular group discussions, team projects, and study groups are all part of the educational experience.

Independent online study often misses out on these interactive opportunities, which are not only enriching but also aid in the reinforcement of learned concepts.

3. Immediate Feedback and Assistance

At Pitman Training, students can access instant feedback and help, a feature often lacking in independent online study.

Whether it's a misunderstanding of a concept, or the need for clarification, our Learning Coaches are readily available to assist, making the learning process smoother and more efficient.

4. Networking Opportunities

Campus-based study provides numerous opportunities for students to network with their peers, instructors, and visiting industry experts. These relationships can lead to internship opportunities, job offers, or simply broaden a student's professional network.

In comparison, studying independently online often provides limited networking opportunities.

5. Structure and Discipline

One of the major advantages of campus study is the structure it provides. The schedules, deadlines, and the organised layout of the courses instill discipline and time management skills among the students. 

These skills are vital for career success. In contrast, studying independently online can lack this structure, which might lead to procrastination and lack of consistency in learning.


While independent online study provides flexibility and convenience, it might not offer the comprehensive learning experience and support structure that campus-based study provides. 

By combining personalised learning environments, collaborative experiences, immediate feedback, networking opportunities, and a disciplined structure, we equips our graduates with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, which often lead to faster and more successful results in their career paths.

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