Why now is the right time to invest in your career

Our destiny is not created by the shoes we wear, but by the steps we take.

As we start to re-imagine everyday life and a tumultuous impact on previously accepted ways of working, I'd like to share five reasons why investing in your career in 2020 can be the best decision you make all year.

1. It's the greatest investment you'll ever make. Our students achieve an average of 10 times return on investment within three years of graduating from vocational training programmes. The return from a lifetime of increased earning power beats all other investments hands down.

2. You become more valuable, and not just just financially. Learning helps develop you skills, passions, ideas, networks and opportunities that last a lifetime.

3. Life's too short to settle for second best. Your hopes and dreams can become reality if you take practical steps to make them happen.

4. Past experience doesn't need to cloud the future. If you struggled at school or flunked exams in the past, there's no reason why flexible, practical learning in your field of interest can't be successful this time around.

5. Bank on yourself. Have confidence in your ability to break into a new career and make the gains that repay your investment in yourself.

The hardest part is taking the first step. If you'd like to talk to our team, please get in touch.

This article first appeared in January 2020 but has been updated to reflect the transformative impact of the coronavirus pandemic on careers and employment opportunities.