Win the reopening with these high paying skills for 2022

It’s officially ‘back to the office day’ this Wednesday but as the reopening gathers pace, which are the in-demand skills that will boost your job prospects and earnings potential?

Whether you’re at the start of your career or looking to change direction, adding some of these skills to your CV will serve you well. 

1.                   Digital Marketing

2.                   Project Management

3.                   Budgeting

4.                   Sales

5.                   Public Speaking

6.                   Data Analysis

7.                   Video Production

Let’s take a deeper dive into how to get the skills that will drive your career in 2022. 

Digital Marketing

Professional marketers need to be able to blend content, email marketing, and search engine optimisation to drive traffic and buyers to their organisation. The software platforms that underpin much of this activity offer a wealth of resources for marketers to develop their skills.

Comprehensive qualifications such as Certified Digital Marketing Professional from the Digital Marketing Institute offer a great way for those new to the profession to demonstrate high-quality skills to potential employers.

Project Management

Managing deadlines and resources to ensure activities are delivered on-time and on-budget is an essential management discipline.   For many professionals this is a responsibility that comes alongside career progression in other areas.

Managing projects using a consistent methodology can help with personal effectiveness and interaction with colleagues, customers and suppliers. Certification programmes such as Prince2 or CompTIA’s Project+ can provide this structure to your skillset.


Accountability for spending decisions, and making sure that business activities are affordable, is a key commercial skill for finance and business professionals alike. Budgeting skills combined with project management skills can be a powerful combination.

Whatever your level of seniority or span of control, there’s an element of budgeting in a wide range of job roles to build experience and exposure as your career develops. Understanding how money flows through your business will never be a skill that goes to waste.


Understanding what your customers need or want, and are willing to pay for, is a critical business skill. Revenue generation is the lifeblood of every business, but salespeople don’t always have the strongest reputation with customers or colleagues. More importantly it’s a skillset that many roles need to some degree.

From structured programmes for sales professionals, like those delivered by Rupert Miles at Sandler Training, to upskilling integrated into non-sales job roles, developing your ability to engage customers with your organisations products and services is always valuable.

Public Speaking

While TED Talks can make this topic look effortlessly cool, public speaking regularly tops the list of least-favoured responsibilities for business leaders despite being able to clearly articulate ideas being essential to so much of what we do.

Professional coaches such as Kayla Conley can help individuals build the techniques that enable them to communicate with clarity and passion.

Being able to combine these skills with video delivery for promotional content or service delivery enables modern professionals to set themselves above and apart from their peers.

Data Analysis

As our computers collect ever larger amounts of data, sophisticated organisations are more able than ever to understand their customers and their behaviours and work more effectively.

Professionals with the skills to capture the patterns and stories from their data, and use these to inform conversations and decision making, are among the most sought-after people in 2022 due to their combination of numeracy, statistics, data visualisation and communication skills.

From straightforward command of Excel to master your everyday data through to professional qualification programmes, it’s never been easier to build your data skills.

At Pitman Training we’re launching a diploma programme for aspiring Data Analysts this Spring as part of our #nextgen suite of programmes for job roles in-demand for the future of work.

Video Production

We’re all TV stars now. High quality video production supports effective marketing and communications for every business. The rise of video continues to reward those with the technical skills to craft high quality product.

Successful video production blends technical skills for working with cameras, lighting and microphones that support presentation quality, with the software skills required to translate raw image capture into the finished article.  Mastery of tools such as Adobe's Premiere Pro or After Effects underpins workplace effectiveness.

How to get ahead

For all of these skills there's a wealth of material available to support you to get the skills you want.  The web is awash with content to help you build new skills much of it available free of charge for those sufficiently motivated to connect with this content, and able to discern the most appropriate content for their requirements.

For individuals considering a change of career path during 2022, credentials and certifications that demonstrate the quality and depth of skills held can be particularly useful.

For those of us with limited time to explore unfiltered content, or the preference for a structured approach to learning, choosing to work with a professional educator will deliver clear benefits.

This will be realised in terms of reduced time to acquire new skills, improved quality of learning, greater ability to deploy new skills at work, and increased accountability for ensuring plans are carried through to completion. 

However you choose to learn, investing in these in-demand skills will support your career and earning prospects throughout 2022 and beyond.