Winter Study Tips

Halloween has come and gone, the clocks have changed to mark the end of summertime, and fireworks are this Friday. 

It’s no surprise, it happens every year, but as we head into the winter months, many of us find it a challenge to stay focussed and productive when it’s cold and dark outside. 

On the flip side, if you’re at home with time on your hands, this can be a great time of year to add impetus to your student plans. 

Our coaching team have assembled five of their favourite tips for making the most of your winter study plans. 

Study early

Try flexing your schedule to get your study time earlier in the day will help keep you focussed and motivated through the winter months. For after-work studiers, our campus evening sessions can provide structure for your learning plans. 

Keep it short

Aim for manageable chunks of learning, to keep you focussed, and reduce the temptation to skip class. A focussed hour everyday will keep you on track. 

Get fresh air

Stepping outside for some fresh air and exercise during the daylight hours will help you stay healthy and refresh your mind. 

Winter warmers

Healthy warm foods such as soups are great for helping boost your mental energies, even if we all love a hot chocolate to reward ourselves. 

Mix it up

We all get cabin fever when we spend too much time at home, so mix up your study plans with campus study or working from a local café to avoid feeling cut adrift from the wider world. Studying with a buddy can help provide accountability to keep you on track. 

Don’t hibernate, our team at Pitman Training are here to keep you on track through the winter months and open new opportunities for your career.