CompTIA Network+


The Network+ course will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to get a job as a network or system administrator. You will also gain necessary skills needed to gain Network+ certification.

You’ll learn how to install, operate and configure basic network
infrastructures, together with all the essential skills you’ll need to
manage and maintain systems and troubleshoot any problems on
a day to day basis.

What’s more, as speaking the right IT language is essential in this industry; you’ll learn how to describe networking technologies, together with gaining a basic understanding of design principles.

Within the framework of the Network+ Certification course, you’ll
learn so much more than just the theory. This course is designed to
get you ready for the real-world and help you launch or enhance a
career as a network or system administrator.

This programme has 50 hours of learning activity with flexible study options over 1 to 6 months to fit with your lifestyle.

Assessment by external assessment which can be taken online or at a PeasonVue exam centre. Exam vouchers can be purchased directly from CompTIA and are not included in quoted tuition fees.

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