Data Visualisation with Tableau


In this course, you’ll learn the power of storytelling through the visualisation of your data, and you’ll develop your skills in creating insightful visuals with Tableau.

This course is for those who are interested in learning how to use Tableau to reveal compelling and powerful stories from their data.

Tableau Desktop is a data visualisation tool that allows us to see and understand data more deeply.

In this course, you’ll explore essential types of analysis and data visualisation used to convey insights from data.

You’ll learn how to prepare, control, and clean up data before you start working with it to ensure you get the most out of your analyses. You’ll explore how to connect to a desktop source and use single and multiple tables to extract data into Tableau’s data engine, as well as how to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server database.

You’ll also learn how to create, customize, and format your dashboard in Tableau and add interactivity to your data visualisations.

The course is divided into ten modules and includes knowledge tests at the end of each section.

Module 1: Storytelling with Data
Module 2: Data Visualisation: Best Practices for Creating Visuals
Module 3: Storytelling with Data: Tableau & PowerBi
Module 4: Tableau for Data Visualisation
Module 5: Tableau Desktop: Opening and Connecting Data Sources
Module 6: Tableau Desktop: Preparing and Cleaning Data
Module 7: Tableau desktop: Blending and Managing Data Files
Module 8: Tableau desktop: Exploring Visualisations and Data Formats
Module 9: Tableau for Data Visualisation: Advanced Features
Module 10: Tableau Desktop: Real-Time Dashboards

Who is this course for?
The aim of the course is to introduce you to key concepts relating to storytelling with your data and to help you develop your skills using Tableau to create rich and meaningful visualisations of your data.

No pre-requisites are required for this course.

Career path
If you’re working toward a career in data science, having a strong command of a data visualisation tool, such as Tableau, will be an essential part of your toolkit.

Category Data Analysis