HR Essentials for non-HR Managers


People management involves recruitment and selection, staff training and development, employee relations, pay and reward. For managers with these responsibilities, having a strong grounding in HR practice is an essential skill to support you and your team.

Our HR Essentials course explores five key areas of people management to ensure you're able to manage your team in a compliant and effective manner.

This course can be taken as independent online study, as a workshop activity or with individual coaching to provide full contextualisation to your learning.

Part One:

  • The role of the HR function,
  • The recruitment and selection process which includes looking at reasons for recruitment, job descriptions, recruitment methods, interview preparation and handling and more.

Part Two:

  • Different types of employment contract
  • How to prepare for a new employee.
  • How to plan induction sessions,
  • How to keep proper personnel files
  • GDPR and data protection.

Part Three:

  • Employee salaries and benefits
  • National Minimum Wage
  • Working Time Regulations
  • Flexible working
  • The staff handbook.

Part Four:

  • Maternity rights, maternity leave and returning to work,
  • Paternity and adoption rights,
  • Managing and reducing absence, sickness policy,
  • Disciplinary rules and procedures,
  • Terminating employment and associated tasks.

Part Five:

  • Managing employee performance,
  • Appraisals and identifying training needs,
  • Planning, implementing and evaluating training,
  • Health and safety responsibilities of an employer.