Intro to Management


Introduction to Management is a one-day activity designed to support supervisors or managers who are newly appointed or who have had no formal training, to establish themselves, enhance credibility in their role and get results from their team.

This practical workshop is designed to give new managers a host of skills and tools to support their performance, and that of their teams.

Through the course of nine practical activities we will develop your skills in the following areas.

  • How to listen properly
  • How to delegate and understanding effective delegation techniques
  • An introduction to induction and the training of new staff
  • Getting the results you know your team are capable of
  • How to motivate
  • Dealing with negative attitudes
  • How to build a positive environment
  • Understanding and developing leadership skills
  • How to give and take criticism

Workshops are delivered by an experienced business leader who excels at getting the best from the people they work with.

You will learn in a small group of like-minded professionals to maximise interaction during the workshop and the practical nature of your learning.
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