Microsoft Access


In this detailed and varied training programme you’ll be guided through many aspects of Access including:
  • database terminology; 
  • planning and design; 
  • defining relationships and creating a table; 
  • editing data; 
  • using advanced tools; 
  • using the query wizard; 
  • adding a field; 
  • exporting an html document; 
  • adding charts to forms; and 
  • creating macros.
Course duration 22 hours with flexible study options to fit with your lifestyle and commitments.

Choose your preferred study style:


Flexible self-paced online study. Suited to learners who want complete control over their learning and will confidently use the learning resources to achieve their goals.

+ myPitman online learning resources

+ downloadable reference guides

+ participation in our student community and social learning groups

+ validation tests

+ certification 


Our supported learning approach with a flexible blend of online and centre-based training, plus live Q&A support from our coaching team to help you confidently complete your programme.

+ live Q&A coaching from 8am to 8pm daily

+ access to our local training centres for in-centre study

+ participation in our career coaching programmes


Benefit from personalised coaching to help you master your learning and contextualise implementation to your organisation and job role.

+ individual coaching sessions

+ complimentary access to content updates and upgrades

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