Microsoft Word Expert


This course is designed for those that have already taken our Microsoft Word course, or already have a good working knowledge of the Word programme, and wish to push their skills onto an expert level and use some of the more advanced features.

Topics covered:
  • Mail Merge using existing and imported data sets
  • Creating, formatting and modifying tables of contents
  • Indexing and cross-referencing
  • Bookmarks
  • Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Browsing and managing notes
  • Inserting captions
  • Recording and running, editing and deleting a macro
  • Assigning a macro to a keyboard shortcut 
  • Creating a new source and insert a citation
  • Inserting a placeholder
  • Inserting, editing and modifying a bibliography
  • Using outline view
  • Working with master documents and subdocuments
  • Inserting content controls in a form
  • Applying built in styles using the Quick Style Gallery
  • Using the Style inspector
  • Enabling and disabling change tracking, 
  • Reviewing a document using track changes
  • Viewing documents for hidden or personal information
  • Changing document properties
  • Marking a document as final
  • Encrypting a document using passwords
  • Saving to the web
  • Inserting and modifying a SmartArt diagram or chart
This course is delivered over 10 self-paced lessons with 22 hours of learning activities included.

Assessment by practical online validation test.

Category IT Essentials