If you are required to take notes or minutes in meetings as part
of your role, this course will help you increase your speed and
efficiency and is a modern alternative to the traditional shorthand

SpeedWriting with Pitman Training comprises six hours of practical learning activities.
You will learn about silent letters and vowels, phonetics and prefixes
through a combination of exercises and dictation practice until you
are reaching speeds of up to 40 words per minute.

Students benefit from the following:

Flexible self-paced study. Suited to learners who want complete control over their learning and will confidently use the learning resources to achieve their goals.

+ live Q&A coaching from 8am to 8pm daily

+ access to our local training centres for in-centre study

+ participation in our career coaching programmes

+ myPitman online learning resources

+ downloadable reference guides

+ participation in our student community and social learning groups

+ validation tests

+ certification