Sustainability Skills for the Workforce


Participating in this workshop offers delegates a transformative opportunity to seamlessly integrate sustainability into their professional lives.

By mastering these easily adoptable habits, attendees can drive positive environmental impact, enhance workplace efficiency, and foster a culture of conscious corporate responsibility.

Beyond mere knowledge, this session equips professionals with actionable strategies, ensuring that they emerge not just as employees, but as forward-thinking eco-advocates in their organizations.



-       Programme overview

-       Small changes, big impacts

Digital Minimalism

-       Reducing digital clutter and storage

-       Efficient email practices

Paperless Operations

-       Digital notetaking, documentation, and sharing

Energy-Efficient Workspaces

-       Utilising natural lighting

-       Optimal use of HVAC and electrical devices

Green Commuting

-       Carpooling, biking, public transport, and walking

-       Virtual meetings vs. travel

 Sustainable Office Supplies

-       Using biodegradable and recycled products

-       Eco-friendly procurement practices

Responsible Printing

-       Double-sided printing

-       Efficient font and layout choices

Conscious Breaks

-       Eco-friendly break activities

-       Mindful eating habits, minimizing waste

E-Waste Management

-       Proper disposal and recycling of electronics

-       Upgrading vs. replacing

Virtual Collaboration Tools

-       Digital tools for meetings and brainstorming

Continuous Learning & Advocacy

-       Staying updated with sustainable practices

-       Advocating for green initiatives at work

Interactive Workshop

-       Group activity: Sharing personal sustainable habits and experiences

-       Discussing potential challenges and solutions to adopting these habits

Action Planning

-       Individual reflection and action plan drafting: How will delegates implement these habits?



This programme is delivered as a group programme for up to 12 delegates either on campus, client site or live online.

Quoted tuition fees are the total cost for all delegates.

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