Fresh skills for the recovery jobs market

New figures show 97,000 people rejoining the workforce in April as the jobs recovery continues to gather pace with over 657,000 job vacancies posted during the past month.

Closer to home we're seeing strong demand for the skills of those who have studied during the pandemic, with many of our students receiving job offers before completing their courses.

Despite this optimism, the jobs market continues to be highly competitive with many organisations continuing to accelerate new ways of working.

This is driving demand from hiring employers for technology, project management and organisational skills that hybrid and remote working models require.

Targeted skills boosts can help you take full advantage of these opportunities,

Our admissions team have curated a selection of the most sought-after skills upgrades based on conversations with current students seeking to develop their career:

1.       Microsoft Excel. Become familiar with the world’s most popular spreadsheet tool that offers applications for a wide variety of jobs roles in 20 hours or less.

 2.       Project Management Fundamentals. Gain an understanding of the full project lifecycle from planning, through implementation and delivery, to evaluation.

 3.       Minute Taking Skills. Remote working has provided fresh impetus to the importance of minute taking. From notetaking to online communication, we have courses to help you support remote meetings.

 4.       LinkedIn for Jobseekers. Learn how to harness the power of your network to accelerate your career with this introduction to the LinkedIn platform and our career coaching workshops on using your network to hunt in the hidden jobs market.

These short course activities can be taken flexibly from home or on campus in less than one week, to give your CV a boost, help you talk confidently at interview or prepare for a new assignment.

If you’re looking to give your job applications some impetus, explore our full range of short courses for ways to quickly increase your desirability to potential employers.